Rugby Goal Posts

Rugby Goal Posts Diagram

Tapered League and Union Goals:

PRODUCT CODE H Vertical Post Height (metres) A/B Vertical Post OD Diameter (millimetres) C Cross Bar OD Diameter (millimetres) Wind region category
MS-41 7.5 80/48 80 Region A cat 4
MS-43 9.0 100/57 80 Region A cat 3
MS-44 12.0 125/75 80 Region A cat 2
MS-45 15.0 125/75 80 Region A cat 4

Un-tapered School Goal Sets:

PRODUCT CODE H Vertical Post Height (metres) A/B Vertical Post OD Diameter (millimetres) C Cross Bar OD Diameter (millimetres) Wind region category
(Junior School)
6.0 80/80 80 Region A cat 2
(Senior School)
7.5 80/80 80 Region A cat 2

Rugby League and Union goal posts are available in five different set heights:

  • 6 metre – Used for primary schools and kicking sets for public open space
  • 5 metre – Most common height for senior school fields and suburban grounds that are utilised for multiple sports codes throughout the year and require the removal and storage of the goals in their off season
  • 9 metre – Most common height for senior competition matches at regional grounds
  • 12 metre – ARU and NRL code specifications for senior state competition matches
  • 15 metre – ARU and NRL code requirements for the national senior competition matches, as used at all of the major stadiums nationally


  • 1 x set of goals includes: 4 x upright posts, 2 x crossbars, 4 x ground tubes (i.e. at both ends of ground)
  • Manufactured from T6 high-tensile marine grade aluminium tube
  • Tapered for the top section of goal posts (un-tapered optional)
  • UV-stabilised heavy-duty white powder coat finish done to AS3715-2002
  • Each goal is made up of and dismantles into three separate section pieces (2 x upright posts, and 1 x cross bar) makes for easier manual handling. Compact for storage.
  • One-piece Crossbar (manufactured from one single full length tube section for strength)
  • Crossbar Height is 3000mm (from ground level to the top of the crossbar)
  • Crossbar Length is 5600mm for ARU goal sets and 5500mm for NRL goal sets
  • Crossbar joint connection plugs manufactured from UV-stabilised solid machined HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) with 12.7 mm stainless steel crossbar attachment bolts
  • Internal compression plugs inside both upright posts at the crossbar attachment points
  • Hot dipped galvanised steel spigots fitted with machined HDPE bushes
  • Spigot base and ground tube sleeve footing system (Optional hinging base plate models are available for the entire range 6 – 15m height goals)
  • In ground footing (the goals are able to become semi-permanent, if removal is required in the off-season where grounds are utilised for different sports codes throughout the year)
  • 6061 T6 high-tensile aluminium ground tubes with end drainage caps and stainless steel locking security screws below ground level
  • Machined solid HDPE ground tube cap plugs
  • Engineering certification in accordance with AS1170.2 & AS1170.4

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