Flag Sizes

The recommended flag size quoted are the maximum recommended size as per engineering specifications for that particular flag pole height. The structural design of the flagpole is based on these recommended sizes.

Users who wish to fly larger sized flags should check with an engineer.

  • Marindust stock a range of flags to suit all size flagpoles
  • Manufactured from UV stabilised woven 100% polyester
  • All sizes and Nationalities available
6.0 metre x 60mm flagpole 1800mm x 900mm 2.0 yard
6.0 metre x 80mm flagpole 1800mm x 900mm 2.0 yard
6.0 metre x 100mm flagpole 1800mm x 900mm 2.5 yard
6.0 metre x 125mm flagpole
(cyclone rated)
1800mm x 900mm 2.0 yard
7.5 metre x 80mm flagpole 1800mm x 900mm 2.0 yard
9.0 metre x 100mm flagpole 2280mm x 1140mm 2.5 yard
10.5 metre x 125mm flagpole 2700mm x 1350mm 3.0 yard
12.0 metre x 125mm flagpole 3660mm x 1830mm 4.0 yard
10.5 metre yard arm flagpole 3 x 1800mm x 900mm 2.0 yard

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